Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

Searching for a long-lasting solution for dark circles under your eyes? Well then you may surely want to know more about custom eyelash packaging or eye-lift surgery. custom eyelash packaging is the treatment that helps to reduce or remove bagginess or dark circles under the eyes, as well as to improve other facial features surrounding the eyes to enhance an individual’s custom eyelash packaging appearance.

It includes removal of excess fat, skin or worn-out tissues for a better look. Well an eye-lift surgery is not only used for a better appearance, it is also performed to improve eyesight by removing excess tissue from dropping eyelids in older patients that tend to block their vision. An eye-lift cannot alone help in total elimination of dark circles, scars or wrinkles but gives amazing results when performed along with facelift or botox.

Why is eye-lift needed?

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

Ageing may cause the skin to lose its elastic features. The loss of elasticity, along with gravitational force causes excess tissue and fats to collect in and near the eyelids. This may obstruct one’s vision and make his/her appearance look quite dull.

For how long do the results of the treatment last?

Dxnat well an eye-lift surgery does not intend to give lifelong results. The results may last for six to eight years or even a lifetime depending on how maintain it. If your skin seems to appear baggy again you must opt for a facelift or forehead lift surgery instead of eye-lift.

What must I do before undergoing the surgery?

• There must be a person waiting with you at the night/day of the treatment and to leave you home post the treatment.

• No strenuous work for five to six days post the surgery so that the eyelids are allowed to heal.

• These are some household things you need:

• Ice bags- To apply on your eyes as advised by your surgeon.

• Eye drops-The surgeon will advice the best ones as per your need.

• A pair of clean dry napkins- Remember to be gentle on your eyelids.

How is it done?

It may usually take a couple of hours for completion. The surgeon uses a small dose of local anesthesia for this purpose.

You are likely to have some or the other sedative if you undergo the treatment in a hospital.

The upper eyelids are the ones to be operated first. The lower eyelid may be operated upon using one of these techniques:

The custom eyelash packaging technique is done using an incision on the eyelid. All visible incisions are cleared following the surgery. The excess tissue or fats are then removed. The fine marks can be softened using a C02 laser.

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

One more technique, known as custom eyelash packaging technique is done using an incision along the natural custom eyelash packaging margin. Excess fats, skin and tissue is then removed through the incision. The incision scar fades in a very short time span.

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