What Causes Ugly Eye Wrinkles?

Ugly eye wrinkles really make people look custom eyelash packaging. First, you need to learn about what causes them. Then, you’ll want to learn about the solutions.


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Crow’s feet, in particular, are caused by squinting. You may be squinting because you forgot to wear your sunglasses, because you can’t see well or because smoke is getting in your eyes. Whatever is causing you to squint could also cause you to have crow’s feet.

Dxnat Cigarette Smoking

Not only does the smoke make you squint. Cigarette smoke contains free radicals. Free radical damage is a major cause of wrinkling all over the face. As we age, there are fewer antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals. So, the smoke can quickly do damage.

Overexposure to the Sun

Overexposure to the sun is another cause of excessive free radical production and free radical damage. The area surrounding the eyes is particularly thin and delicate. It can be quickly damaged by overexposure to sunlight.

Irritating Skincare Products and Cosmetics

Many women wear makeup on their custom eyelash packaging and lids. A lot choose waterproof mascara, which is difficult to remove without a chemical cleanser. The chemicals in many makeup removers contain free radicals and/or stimulate increased production of the radicals. So, your eye makeup remover could eventually cause ugly eye wrinkles.

Other skincare products can cause or contribute to the formation of free radicals as well. Research is still being conducted concerning certain sunscreens and seemingly benign ingredients like mineral oil. While they are supposed to be good for your skin, they may actually contribute to wrinkling.

Chronic Inflammation

Irritating products can also cause redness and the associated inflammation. Eventually, like free radicals, inflammatory molecules beneath the skin’s surface can damage elastic collagen fibers. As the skin starts to sag, you start to see ugly eye wrinkles.

Lack of Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep or if you sleep too much, you sometimes wake up with bags or dark circles beneath your eyes. Bags are caused by inflammation. The dark circles are related to inflammation as well. The darkness is caused by hemoglobin and waste products in the fluids that cause puffiness.

The bags usually go away after a while. But the constant stretching and relaxing is not good for your skin’s health. It can eventually lead to sagging and bags that will not go away. Ugly eye wrinkles beneath the eyes are often seen in people who have bags or custom eyelash packaging circles.


custom eyelash packaging
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There are solutions for all of these causes. Some of them are more obvious than others. They involve changing habits or focusing on prevention.

If you have already started to see crow’s feet or wrinkling beneath your eyes, you need a solution for improving your appearance. That means reversing the problem. The time for prevention has fast.

Now that you have taken the time to learn about the causes, you may have an idea of how to prevent ugly eye wrinkles. In my next article, you will learn how to solve wrinkles that are already custom eyelash packaging packaging.

Margaret Bell is a dedicated advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and diligent researcher of skin care systems.

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