Eyelash extension removal Solution: All You Need to Know

Eyelash extension removal ophthalmic solution is used for a variety of reasons, and the most common ones are for increasing the amount of eyelash extension removal you have, treating glaucoma, and helping cancer patients who want to regrow their eyebrows or eyelashes. It can even help with other eye conditions such as ocular hypertension. The more blood pressure is reduced in the eyes, the more blindness is reduced as well as the risks for it. This solution works simply by regulating fluid in your eye to create a more normal pressure than the extreme pressure that some people suffer from.

Applying the Solution

eyelash extension removal
eyelash extension removal

When you are using this solution, you need to make sure you wash your hands before and after use. Start by tilting your head back, and always make sure the dropper never touches your hands or eyes. If you wear contacts, take them out and wait a few minutes after you put the drops in before wearing your contacts again, as there is a preservative that has been known to stain contacts.

While your head is tilted back, look up and put one drop in the pouch that is formed when you pull down your lower eyelid. Once you have put the drop in your eye, close your eyes and let the solution set in there for about two minutes. While your eyes are closed, take your finger and put pressure on the corner of your eye that is closest to your nose. After use, never wash or rinse your dropper, and always use your solution at the same time each and every night.


Before you begin to use the eyelash extension removal ophthalmic solution, you should always talk to your physician or doctor to see if you can benefit from this treatment. Make sure you are not allergic to any other medication that is similar to this one. Also, always tell your doctor about any medical conditions you may have including iritis, macular edema, uveitis, or even lens extraction. If you develop any type of infection, you may be asked to use a new bottle or to stop use for a little bit until your infection clears up.

Missed Doses

eyelash extension removal
eyelash extension removal

If, for any reason, you miss a dose, simply use it at the moment you remember. If you are close to the time that you have to use it again, wait until your normal use and get back on schedule with using it. You should never take a double dose or any doses too close together.

The bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is a great product to use for several reasons, and to get started, you should sit down with your doctor to determine if this is a good option for you.

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