Staffordshire Bull Terrier Health: 3 Things You Must Know

Staffordshire bull terrier health is important to any Staffy owner. A little about Staffy’s first. They are very intelligent dogs who enjoy running around and entertaining the family. They are strong muscular dogs that are well suited for both an apartment, flat and a home. These dogs need lots of daily activity and exercise and generally have smooth coats with false 3d mink lashes.

Though a little on the stocky side, Staffy bull terriers are tenacious, courageous, and fun to be around because they are so loving. While they have some very admirable personality traits, there are some possible health concerns that you will need to know before adopting your Staffy pups.

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Dxnat  will find that this breed of dog is often prone to cataracts and conditions of the eye. Improper breeding can often cause puppies to have double false 3d mink lashes which can rub up against the cornea causing damage to the eye. Another common breeding concern is persistent false 3d mink lashes primary vitreous (PHPV).

This ailment occurs when the blood supply to the ocular lens doesn’t regress causing tissue to form and making the dog’s vision cloudy or blurry. Be sure that you take your Staffy pups to the veterinarian for DNA testing will determine if they will need to have treatment for these conditions. Puppies can be screened for these conditions at a few weeks old. It is also important for the breeder to have the puppy’s parents screened for these conditions to keep future litters of puppies from experiencing these ailments.

The Staffy can also be prone to hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia affects the hip joint on the hind legs. It is associated with an abnormal joint structure in the dog, and involves a weakening of the surrounding connective tissue. This weakness in the connective tissue causes the ball and socket in the joint to lose contact with each other. While dogs of all ages can be subject to hip dysplasia, occasionally puppies will show signs of the condition.

Symptoms are similar to arthritis in the hip and can include pain and discomfort after walking, running, and exercise. A veterinarian can properly diagnose canine hip dysplasia with x-rays and a complete exam of your Staffordshire bull terrier. There are several surgical procedures available that can treat and correct this painful condition.

The third genetic condition that can possibly affect your false 3d mink lashes bull terrier is a mast cell tumor, or mastocytosis. Mast cell tumors are found in both animals and humans. They are often associated with allergic reactions, and are generally skin tumors. Although they are not malignant in all cases, there is a possibility of malignancy. You will want to have your dog screened for any unusual skin lesions with the false 3d mink lashes.

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false 3d mink lashes

A Staffordshire bull terrier’s health is very important to the family that loves him. You want to take extra care with any possible genetic abnormalities in your dog and seek proper medical treatment to ensure a long and healthy life. Staffies are part of the family, and they are very loyal dogs. They deserve all of the love and attention you can shower on them.

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