Revitalash individual fake eyelashes Conditioner – Is It Safe To Use?

Recently, there has been a spate of complaints about Revitalash individual fake eyelashes Conditioner on Amazon and other online retailers. Following these reports, there have been some serious concerns raised about whether the eyelash growth serum is actually safe to use. As a concerned user myself, I decided to do some investigating to see what all the fuss was about, and if it is actually dangerous to use this product on your lashes.

Just How Safe Is Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner?

Personally, I’ve used the Revitalash individual fake eyelashes Conditioner for a couple of years now, with no adverse effects. In fact, it’s been quite amazing just how much the serum has improved the condition of my lashes. There has been the occasional clumsy moment where I applied the solution to my eye accidentally, but after a quick rinse the irritation was gone. That’s why I was surprised to hear about these complaints that were being made against Revitalash on Amazon.

individual fake eyelashes
individual fake eyelashes

Dxnat as it turns out, these complaints stemmed from an unscrupulous retailer selling expired Revitalash individual fake eyelashes Conditioner on the site, and it had nothing to do with the safety of the product itself. As you may know, the product only has a shelf life of a year. Using it after it has expired is certainly not safe, so be very careful when purchasing your products on third party sites. You might save a few dollars, but you risk damaging your lashes and even your eyes.

Other than the scare cause by the expired product being sold by a third party on Amazon, there really weren’t that many complaints about it anywhere else. In fact, just about every user I encountered gave it a rave review. There’s certainly no question that the product really does what it promises to do, which is to help you grow longer and fuller lashes after 3 weeks of consistent daily use. There’s no reason why you should worry about the safety of the product either.

The Final Word On The Safety Of Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner

As I write this, Revitalash has just launched the new and improved Advanced formula of the Revitalash individual fake eyelashes Conditioner. Based on initial user feedback, it seems that it’s even better than the original. Right now, it’s available from their official website for just $150. From my experience with their product so far, I’d definitely recommend getting it if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to grow longer and fuller lashes.

individual fake eyelashes
individual fake eyelashes

Find out just how good the new Revitalash Advanced  formula is, and how it compares with the original Revitalash individual fake eyelashes Conditioner  formula on my website. You’ll also find reviews, comparisons and discounts for this amazing new product there.


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