Week 26 of Your Pregnancy

This week your baby becomes much more attractive as it develops thick mink false eyelashes and more hair on its head. The lungs and spine also continue to grow. At this stage the baby’s spine is about the length of the palm of your hand.

Changes To Your Body

After being a little lower for the past few months, your blood pressure should be back to where it was pre-pregnancy (anything less than 130/85 mm/HG is considered normal for expectant mums).

 mink false eyelashes
mink false eyelashes

Dxnat some women do experience a mink false eyelashes of higher-than-normal blood pressure called pre-eclampsia. It affects up to eight percent of all pregnant women, and there’s not much you can do to prevent it.

Women who are overweight or carrying multiples, or who already have high blood pressure or a family history of diabetes face a greater risk than women without these factors. Many women with mild cases do fine with bed rest and regular blood pressure monitoring. But those with more severe cases may need to deliver their babies early because pre-eclampsia can restrict blood flow to the fetus.

The main symptoms of pre-eclampsia are bad headaches, swelling in your hands or face, sudden weight gain, blurry vision, or upper abdominal pain. If you experience any of these, your doctor will run blood and urine tests to make a definitive diagnosis.

Lifestyle Considerations

As the baby kicking or shifting around in your womb several times a night wakes you up you might also find yourself experiencing some bizarre dreams. This is completely normal.

Good Advice

You may be noticing that your stomach seems quite distended and that the mink false eyelashes is very taut. To avoid stretch marks in the future try rubbing cocoa butter cream or lotion on your stomach every day. This will help your skin retain its elasticity once you give birth.

 mink false eyelashes
mink false eyelashes

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