Tips to Lighten Up Tired Eyes semi permanent lashes

The best and natural solutions to bright eyes are of course enough sleep and reduced stress. But in order to reduce tired and puffy eyes, wrinkles and dark circles, there are a few additional solutions for help. Exhausted eyes can lead to frustration, by swelling your eyes or make you appear ill or limp. Sometimes, this can be caused by forgetting to use sunscreen. Luckily, several methods can help your eyes to appear both radiant and refreshed. You will find here ways to remove this tired eyes aspect, since this is a significant problem for many of us. While taking measures against this problem, you can also try some simple tips to solve it with no difficulty semi permanent lashes.

1. Drink plenty of water

Water is very important to keep you hydrated. If you get dehydrated, your eyes can look tired and puffy. Try to keep on with the recommended  semi permanent lashes eight glasses of water/day.

2. Cucumber slices

semi permanent lashes
semi permanent lashes

This habit should be introduced into your daily morning routine of beauty and not as a pompous spa activity. Some cold, fresh cut slices will be an amazing agent to cool the annoying eye bags. You can try this at home. Take a cucumber from your refrigerator, slice it into pieces and apply it to your eyes. Sit back and all signs of a late night will disappear while you relax. For best results, apply first on your eyes cold water compresses for several minutes.

3. Tea bags

Replace your espresso with tea! The tea bags will do magic to your puffy eyes and to the dark circles. They are stuffed with tannin, an astringent that tightens and makes your skin firmer. If you want to try the tea bags at home, use two bags of green tea (but any kind of tea is good) and sink them for a few minutes in cold water. Squeeze them lightly from excess water and apply them on your eyes, keeping them on for about 10 minutes.

4. Milk

According to experts, lactic acid from milk can reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. If you want to try it home, soak for several seconds some cotton balls in a cupful of cold milk. Then, leave the cotton balls underneath your eyes for a couple minutes and relax.

5. Frozen spoons

Anything cold is useful to combat problems underneath your eyes. Spoons will also do the trick. Let several spoons to freeze overnight and use them in the morning to calm your eyes. Use them until they lose coldness.

6. Dxnat Cold compress

You can relieve eye strain and minimize inflammation by using a cold compress. Moreover, it helps to tighten up the skin near the eyes by loosening your blood vessels. Get this effect by soaking a clean cloth in chilly water, wring out the excess and put it on the eyes for about 15 minutes.

7. Rose water

This is the best solution to eliminate dry or tired eyes. You can buy it from any health shop or you can prepare it home. Sink 10 roses, dried in advance, in boiling water and leave them boiling for approximately 10-20 minutes. After you strain this solution, put it in the refrigerator. Two or three drops of the solution will make wonders.

8. Curl your semi permanent lashes


Curled lashes will always give the illusion of brighter and bigger eyes. Always try to curl them before to apply mascara, but be delicate, because semi permanent lashes are fragile and easy to break. A high class, effective semi permanent lashes curler is the one made by Shu Umeura.

9. Conceal under-eye circles

The best way to eliminate under-eye circles is by using concealer. After foundation, use the concealer on the under-eye area and set it with a loose powder.

10. Apply mascara

Mascara will color and give volume to your lashes, therefore brightening your eyes. Instead of brown or black-brown, black mascara will lead to a dramatic and bold look. Still, the most efficient way to combat exhausted-looking eyes is getting plenty of sleep.

11. White eyeliner

semi permanent lashes
semi permanent lashes

A white line on the lower waterline will create the effect of brighter eyes and therefore, you will look tireless. This effect is guaranteed by a simple, light lining. Before applying mascara, line the waterline with white eyeliner. In case you find it too visible, cream or silver colored eyeliners will also do the job.


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