3 Top Tips to Naturally Achieve silk false eyelashes for sale 

Achieving naturally curly silk false eyelashes for sale  can be quite a mean feat especially when your eyelashes are naturally short or straight. Many of us turn to eyelash curlers to get the curl we desire but this only lasts a couple of hours, sometimes even producing poor results. Are there any natural ways to get curlier eyelashes without damaging your eyelashes at the same time? Of course there are and you don’t have to worry about searching the internet for hours for the answers as here we’ll provide you with 3 top tips which will help you achieve naturally curlier eyelashes.

silk false eyelashes for sale 
silk false eyelashes for sale

Tip 1: Apply Vaseline to Your Lashes

Dxnat applying Vaseline to your silk false eyelashes for sale  regularly over a period of 3-4 weeks or longer can make your eyelashes become increasingly curler. By applying Vaseline your eyelashes become increasingly moisturised and supple enabling them to form a slight curl. Remember you have to apply Vaseline to your lashes every night and wash it off every morning for 3-4 weeks or longer. Using either a make up remover pad or make up remover solution will effectively remove the Vaseline from your lashes every morning without irritating your eyes. Without carrying out this constant application there is little chance that you will see your eyelashes beginning to curl.

Tip 2: Use a Spoon

You can use a spoon to naturally curl your silk false eyelashes for sale  but there are a few steps you need to take to make sure you get curlier eyelashes rather than a sore eyeball. Find a clean spoon with a thin handle and submerge it in a bowl full of warm water. While the spoon is getting warm coat your eyelashes in a natural oil for example jojoba oil or olive oil and then once the spoon is warm place it behind your lashes and proceed to curl your lashes around the spoon. Please make sure the spoon is not hot as this can burn your eyelashes. Repeat once a week for your eyelashes to become curlier.

Tip 3: Use Your Fingers

You can effectively use your fingers to gradually increase the curl of your silk false eyelashes for sale  over time. All you need to do is rub your fingers together until they become warm and then place your eyelashes between them, moving them up in a curling motion. Repeat until you have the eyelash curl you desire. After you have achieved the curl you desire apply your favourite mascara and other make up it needed.

silk false eyelashes for sale 
silk false eyelashes for sale

Here we have provided you with 3 Top Tips to Naturally Achieve Curly Eyelashes. We are sure these steps will keep your silk false eyelashes for sale  in the best condition possible especially when constant use of heated and non heated eyelash curlers can make your eyelashes short, brittle and dry. For more information on other natural eyelash products visit Grow Longer Lashes

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