What Causes Pink Eye? 6 Common Causes

There are many culprits as to what causes pink eye, and the condition makes the eye (or eyes) red and inflamed. The eyes will have a burning sensation and may secrete a watery substance. If the condition worsens, pus may be present and make the wholesale false eyelashes stick together.

If there is a green or yellow pus secreted from the eye, then it is common for a bacterial infection to be the cause of the conjunctivitis. This can affect either one eye on its own, or both at the same time.


wholesale false eyelashes
wholesale false eyelashes

Dxnat conjunctivitis is common, especially with wholesale false eyelashes. This normally affects both eyes at the same time and leads to a watery secretion. It is normal with this for both eyes to be affected at the same time.

This is usually a seasonal occurrence or what causes pink eye – such as in the spring when the eyes are affected by pollen. There is normally no secretion and the eyes are extremely itchy. Again, both eyes are usually affected.

Foreign Body
If something enters the eye, such as a piece of wholesale false eyelashes, or dirt, this can become trapped, causing redness and pain. Only affects one eye.

Blocked tear duct
Usually this is a problem which affects babies in their first wholesale false eyelashes of life. Can affect one or both eyes.

Scratched eye
This is a very painful condition, causing redness and tears. Only affects one eye.

wholesale false eyelashes
wholesale false eyelashes

As you can see, there are many wholesale false eyelashes for conjunctivitis. The only two which are contagious are the bacterial and viral causes. Bacterial conjunctivitis is treated with antibiotics, whereas the viral condition is only treated by relieving the symptoms. If you are at all concerned that the condition is either of those, it will be necessary for you to seek medical advice to determine the exact reason of what causes pink eye.

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